Dokumentární cestopisný film zaměřený na atraktivní, ale méně známé lokality, například Indonésie, Rusko, Maroko, střední Čína a mnohá další místa. Jednotlivé části této řady přinášejí popis všech typických přírodních, historických, kulturních a společenských aspektů. Nicméně, je především zaměřen na životní styl a tradice obyvatel, protože oni jsou ti, kdo vytváří toto prostředí.
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The westernmost tip of Cuba is famous especially for tobacco. It is harvested nearly all year long. The local varieties are used for packing the best smelling cigars which then darn holes in the leaky state treasury. Despite the fact that private farming is permitted in this fertile province, all profis belong to the government anyway. Fortunately, the old nature itself takes care of loaves of limestone called mogots...
According to the legend, you can see five kingdoms - Man, Scottish, English, Irish, Welsh and the kingdom of heaven - while being on the top of the highest mountain in the Isle of Man. On the Tynwald hill, there is a Parliament meeting held once a year in the open air. It was founded in 979 which means that it is one of the longest continuously functioning legislature office in the world...
This is the country of endless taiga which is full of brooks, rivers and lakes. There used to be the Karelians ruling here in the past times. They were culturally and linguistically close to the Finns and Estonians. But the Russian element prevailed over the centuries and the Soviet regime tore the country out of its roots. Despite that fact, you can still find typical Karelian villages, in very poor condition. On the contrary, the Orthodox Church is experiencing the times of Renaissance now...
Berlin is also known as New York of Europe. Not for its vastness, but mainly due to an atmosphere of total freedom. However, twenty years ago there was the concrete wall dividing the city into two parts, the wall which became a sad symbol of the so-called Cold War. Nowadays, there are thousands of people from all over the world moving to the German capital city every year. They create a multicultural pot in which living styles, habits and smells are mixed together...
The region of north-eastern Slovakia brims over with unprecedented natural beauty. There is also the Šariš Castle located right in the middle of this region. Better said - its ruins. A group of volunteers slowly try to rebuild it to the form of the once-mighty residence. There are little wooden churches which belong to architecturally distinctive and precious sights of the region...
Marrakesh is one of the oldest and most famous places throughout North Africa. This is also the Morocco region in which the traditional Arab world meets life of the mountain Berber tribes. In addition to sheep and goats breeding or growing of maize and dates, they also deal with traditional crafts such as carpet weaving and production of unfired bricks.
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